Thee A Word, "A"as in Annie

Ann Erling Gofus

A Little Bit About Annie Erling Gofus…

Annie Erling Gofus is a writer living in Bratislava, Slovakia as a 2014-2015 Fulbright English Teaching Assistant. Originally from North Dakota, Erling Gofus relocated to Washington, DC after graduating with a BA in History from North Dakota State University. She has worked in several fields, including the federal government, museums, and internet start-ups, before settling into her career as a writer. While living in the Slovak Republic as a Fulbright Scholar, Erling Gofus will research and write about Slovak culture, history, and people, in addition to teaching English to local high school students.
Annie typically lives in a super old (possibly haunted?) farmhouse near Philadelphia, PA with her husband and dog.  


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