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July 12, 2013

We are now deep into “wedding season”, friends. This means pretty cornflower bouquets, delicious lemonade-mixed cocktails, and scorching hot outdoor ceremonies that inspire a whole new use for those wedding programs.

Prep for a sun-soaked July wedding with melt-proof makeup, then top off your look with milkmaid braids inspired by Valentino’s Fall 2013 Couture runway. Give playful summer wedding themes a spin and let your guests sign a globe guestbook!

Speaking of International affairs, this weekend is France’s Bastille Day. Celebrate La Fête National with fellow Franchophiles at Pix Patisserie in Portland, Oregon. Kick-start the Saturday event with a 5k Fun Run which includes costumes and wine-fueled pit stops along the race route. Live music, dancing, and a champagne-and-oyster bar are an excellent way to celebrate French Nationalism stateside. Won’t be in Oregon this weekend? Throw on your beret and whip up a batch of France’s fanciest cookies—irresistible macarons. Ooh la la!


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Photo Credits: 1. Topshop’s Waterproof Kohl Pencil, $10 via PopSugar | 2. Valentino’s Milkmaid Braids via The Cut | 3. Globe Guest Book via Ruffled | 4. Bastille Day Celebration at Pix Patisserie; Eiffel Tower photo via Enticing Nostalgia | 5. Macaron Recipe via Martha Stewart; Macaron photo via Just Splendid

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July 5, 2013

Sure, the Fourth of July was yesterday, but don’t pack away the sparklers and sunscreen yet—fireworks are just the start of patriotic partying this weekend.

Give your locks some texture whether or not you’ve spent the entire day in the water, and don’t miss this beach beauty must-have: Kiehl’s BB Cream not only conceals imperfections, it also carries a whopping SPF 50.

The Fourth of July is synonymous with delicious treats, including boozy homemade popsicles that are sure to chill any picnic. If you’re celebrating Independence Day in New York City, get lost at Gilligan’s (310 West Broadway). This pop-up eatery has anchored just for the summer in the Soho Grand’s outdoor space. Sip one (or two) of Gilligan’s cannot-miss Watermelon Margaritas then end your night with a tip of the hat to America’s original colonists. Featured on The Underground Gourmet’s 2013 Best Cheap Eats list, Eastwood (200 Clinton St.) serves fish and chips so good it might have you missing the British... we said might.

Happy Fourth of July, y’all!

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Photo Credits: 1. Kiehl’s BB Cream, $37 via Kiehl’s | 2. DIY Beach Wave Texture via The Beauty Department | 3. Boozy Popsicle Recipes via Snippet and Ink | 4. Gilligan’s at The Soho Grand Hotel; Watermelon Margarita recipe via Refinery29 | 5. Eastwood via Grub Street 

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June 28, 2013

June Brides can take advantage of the perfect combination of Americana and summer love. Few things epitomize the first month of summer more than sun-kissed grooms, gerber daisy bouquets, and food on a stick. Before we welcome July with fireworks and BBQ, here are five summery tid-bits to ponder this last weekend of June. Find your inner “ohm” at Wanderlust’s Yoga in the City this Sunday, June 30th. Stretch it out with hundreds of fellow yoga enthusiasts in Santa Monica starting at 1pm. Summer brides are ditching the veils for floral crowns, but you don’t need to be tying the knot to create your own blooming halo. Not ready for the full flowery tiara? Add a flower or two to your updo this weekend for a simple nod to balmy June. Give bold summer colors a swirl—literally. Instead of color-blocking your wedding, be inspired by blended watercolor shades. Bid adieu to June and wedding cake traditions with cute and flaky handheld pie pops from Cakewalk Desserts.  Then nail your “something blue” with an aqua-tinted manicure. Cerulean polka dots can add a wink of whimsy to a summer wedding or a sandy day at the beach.

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Photo credit: Cake pops via Cakewalk Desserts


The Map to Dreamland: Five Tips for Better Sleep

Catching quality Z’s can improve your memory, lower your stress and help you live a longer, happier life. So why is it so hard for us to tuck in at night and drift off to dreamland? With our buzzing cell phone always within arms reach, it’s easy to see why so many of us struggle to relax at bedtime. A perfect night’s sleep is attainable (and important to living a healthy life!), so check out these five tips to getting better sleep.


It’s tempting to write one last email in bed or channel surf under the covers, but habits like these can keep your mind turning for hours after the light go out. Instead, start winding down at least fifteen minutes before bedtime. Turn off your computer and stash your phone away before slipping into comfortable pajamas and sipping warm caffeine-free tea. If you find yourself fretting about tomorrow, jot down what’s concerning you and then clear your mind for a restful night of sleep.


Although slumber is hours away, your 4pm coffee might be keeping you up at night. Cut out caffeine after 2pm and be especially careful what you eat or drink in the evening. A glass of wine before bed might make you feel drowsy, but alcohol can keep you from getting deep sleep.


Our bodies react to the light around us. Bright light signals daytime, while dimmer lights help us to relax. A study recently showed that exposing yourself to natural morning light can reset your circadian clock (your internal alarm clock) to help you rise earlier naturally. If privacy allows it, crack your shades to allow in morning light.


Keeping a regular exercise schedule can help improve your sleep. Research has shown that at least 45 minutes of cardio each day decreased the effects of insomnia. The best time to sweat is always up for debate, but stretching or gentle yoga before crawling between the sheets is a nice way to quiet your mind and relax your body.


Mild lower back pain might not keep you from drifting off to sleep, but it can make your snooze restless. Tucking a pillow between your knees is an excellent way to align your hips and relieve back pain.

Originally published at http://www.wodlounge.com/5-tips-for-better-sleep/

Taj Mahal of India Website Copy for LivingSocial.com


Curry hounds follow their nose to the garam masala scents of this Indian eatery. Tame your tikka cravings as you feast on succulent chicken in tangy sauces, or tuck into cauliflower and potatoes in a stinging glaze. Biryani rice dishes are bountiful, and varieties come studded with plump shrimp. Don’t forget the little things, like tender garlic-charred naan and sweet dumplings for dessert.

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Breakwater Bistro Website Copy for LivingSocial.com


Playing on the “naughty and nice” theme, this eatery offers both healthy and decadent bites. Go guilt-free and sip ginger-touched Green Power juice between forkfuls of roasted beet salad, flecked with cranberries and walnuts. A low-carb lettuce-wrapped burger lends itself to leanness, too, while its heartier counterpart—a bun-padded, Gorganzola-decorated Black Angus patty—can do no wrong. Don’t even try to resist dessert either. Two words: Chocolate bruleè.

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Plain ole’ sandwiches get a hot makeover thanks to this cafe’s panini grill. Ciabatta slices crisped and crammed with tender free-range chicken, ooey-gooey cheese, and layers of creamy chipotle sauce. Other steaming-off-the-press sandwiches include a Thanksgiving-inspired cranberry chutney and turkey creation or sauteed Japanese eggplant on focaccia. Get an epic sugar rush with the appropriately named “Waffle Bomb”—ice cream loaded between golden waffles.

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