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August 2, 2013

As we welcome the last phase of summer, we also say “aloha” to every cheese lover’s favorite month: National Goat Cheese Month, y’all!  Ring in a goat cheesy August with a creamy and delicious Blackberry, Honey and Goat Cheesecake—the perfect dish for a late summer potluck.  Shade your precious peepers from the hot August sun without leaving your air conditioned house—Warby Parker offers an easy online sunglasses shopping experience, and for every pair you buy one pair gets donated to someone in need.  Throw on your glamorous shades and head out to San Francisco’s Aloha Festival this weekend.  Hula your way through two days of Polynesian art, dance, and food, then sample 13 of the Bay Area’s tastiest hot doggeries.  After all this summer fun, detoxify your skin of sweat and grime with a gently exfoliating charcoal cleanser that acts like a magnet for impurities.


Originally posted on by Ann Erling Gofus

Photo compilation by Ann Erling Gofus

Photo Credits: 1. Charcoal Cleanser via Shamanuti  | 2. Jules Marbled Charcoal Sunglasses via Warby Parker | 3. Hottest Dogs in San Francisco via Eater; image viaBon Appetit  | 4. Aloha Festival via The Pacific Islanders’ Culturally Association | 5. Blackberry, Honey and Goat Cheesecake via Adventures in Cooking

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