Scrapes, blisters and calluses are everyday owies that happen anywhere, including the box. Come prepared for minor CrossFit injuries with an arsenal of first aid remedies.

Start with the basics: Bandages and cold packs are must-haves in any first-aid kit, including the one you toss in your gym bag. Calluses are impossible to avoid in the box. The best way to keep them from affecting your fitness is to shave them down and keep them smooth with a specialized callus shaver with safety slide. There is no magic potion out there for aches and pains, but there are plenty of salves and ointments that do the trick. Aquaphur Healing Ointment prevents chaffing and helps to soothe irritated skin, while Biofreeze relieves achy muscles and joints with an instant cool and tingling sensation. Roll out those knots with the Gemini, which was created specifically with CrossFit athletes in mind. And last, but not least, just think of the sweaty paws all over those kettlebells—kill some of that borrowed bacteria with good ole’ fashioned hand sanitizer. Bring your WOD-ready first-aid kit to your next workout and you’ll be ready for anything.



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CrossFit First-Aid Kit: Band-Aid Flexible Fabric Bandages via | Instant Cold Pack viaWalgreens | Tweezerman Callus Shaver via | Aquaphor Healing Ointment via | Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel via Performance Health | MobilityWOD Gemini via Rouge Fitness | X3: Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer via |

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