A Grooming Guide for the Ruggedly Handsome Athlete

Fact: It is possible to be both manly and use moisturizer. This is the definition of ruggedly handsome—a man who knows his way around a WOD but still manages to get his hair to look effortlessly cool. We’ve compiled six additions to your gym bag that will make your transition from workout to the street as good looking—and simple—as possible.

Raw Materials Sport Soap Raw Material Sport Fix Soap 

This black soap not only cleans up grime, but also prevents you from getting stinky again throughout the day. Its odor-fighting properties are powered by mineral-rich activated bamboo carbon, while acai berries protect from free radicals, and shea butter moisturizes your skin. getrawmaterials.com, $10

 Jack Black Face Buff Jack Black Face Buff 

Your pores may be small, but they can filled with a surprising amount of dirt. Daily face wash isn’t enough to rid your face of all the nastiness—that’s where facial scrubs step in. This Jack Black Face Buff has menthol to help wake you up in the morning, and Vitamin C to slow the signs of aging. getjackblack.com, $18

 Bull Dog Skin Care Bulldog Original Moisturizer 

Wrinkles may not be your main concern in the gym, but there’s no harm taking a simple step to stop them in their tracks. This moisturizer is jam-packed with essential oils and vitamins, while skipping parabens and artificial colors. This daily moisturizer keeps your skin soft and slows premature aging. meetthebulldog.com, $11

 Ernest_Supplies_Cooling_Shave_Cream Ernest Supplies Cooling Shave Cream 

Taking its inspiration from hair conditioner, this all-natural shave cream eliminates razor burn with soothing oils and is low-lather ensuring a close shave. Jojoba, macadamia nut, and babassu oils condition your beard and skin, while menthol and eucalyptus oil provide a moisturizing cool. ernestsupplies.com, $25

 Hanz_de_Fuko_Sponge_Wax Hanz de Fuko Sponge Wax 

Your hair doesn’t need to be perfectly coifed all the time, but a little product goes a long way to achieve an effortlessly cool look. This hair wax skips the glossy look of gel, but gives you the hold and pliability to style your locks any way you wish. Lightweight and organic, this product thickens your strands and adds a matte finish to your do’.hanzdefuko.com, $17.50

 smoke-perfume Smoke Perfume 

The finishing touch of any grooming regime is an irresistible scent. This fragrance is inspired by New Orleans’ late night jazz scene, with vetiver grass providing an earth base and slightly spicy overtones. Smoke Perfume is an artisan scent created with essential oils in the French Quarter, and proves that being tough doesn’t mean you can’t smell awesome. smokeperfume.com, $65

Originally published at http://www.wodlounge.com/grooming-guide-ruggedly-handsome-athlete/

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