Dapper Duffels: Picking the Duffel Bag

The gym isn’t a fashion show. You don’t need to be the best dressed to get the best workout, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid upgrading your look. No need to toss those old college t-shirts you love to lift in—polish your work-to-gym-to-weekend-getaway ensemble with the perfect duffel bag.

We’ve compiled a list of the five most handsome bags—from casual to chic.


Everlane The Weekender Duffel in Blue Everlane The Weekender

Just like its namesake, The Weekender duffel bag is flexible, fun, and irresistible. This waterproof canvas bag is ideal for commuters or folks on short trips—it fits perfectly under Amtrak seats or in overhead compartments. Its casual colors combined with slick leather detailing will get you from the office to the gym to the beach in one weekend flat. everlane.com, $95

Birchbox Topo Design Duffel Bag Topo Designs Duffel Bag

This world is tough, but this classic duffel can handle it. Complete with a Cordura shell, Topo’s classic bag survives everything from a jostling morning commute to the airline’s baggage carousel. A waterproof interior will keep your stinkin’ wet gym clothes isolated from the outside world, and a seatbelt-grade detachable shoulder strap gives you extra flexibility when lugging this duffel all around town. birchbox.com, $129

FORUCK Mil Kit Bag GORUCK Mil Kit Bag

There are pretty overnight bags and there are gritty gym bags, then there are GORUCK kit bags. This bag is for the heavy packer—we’re talking helmet, survival gear, and ammo. You don’t need to be a paratrooper to appreciate this military-grade quality pack. Made in the USA, GORUCK’s kit bag is waterproof, has 84 liters of space, and features tons of interior and exterior pockets for all the small things. goruck.com, $195

Task Jackson Duffel Bag Trask Jackson Duffel Bag

We know you train dirty in the gym, but that doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate the finer things in life. Hidden inside this handsome wool duffel bag is stinky gym gear soaked with an hours-worth of sweat, but the outside world only sees antiqued brass hardware and a beautifully traditional design. Perfect for work and weekend jaunts, even better for tricking your colleagues into thinking you’re sophisticated. nordstrom.com, $625

Moore and Giles James Club Bag Moore & Giles James Club Bag

Ditch the dowdy duffels, and pack this smart leather bag with all your weekend essentials. It might not appear to be the kind of bag you’d schlep to the gym, but with a water-resistant interior, the James Club Bag will keep your workout gear from stinking up the place. Zippered pockets keep your phone and wallet safe and snug, while a removable shoulder strap makes carrying this sleek duffel a breeze.mooreandgiles.com, $615

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Rules for the Road: 10 Tips for Visiting CrossFitters

Luckily for the wandering CrossFitter, there are thousands of affiliate gyms across the world—more than 5,000 are located in the United States alone! You can’t travel far without stumbling across a local box that has the resources you need to train, but also a whole new code of conduct to abide by. With help from CrossFit Coach and frequent explorer Ryan Engelhardt of CrossFit Kennesaw in Marietta, Georgia, we’ve compiled a list of ten simple rules traveling CrossFitters should follow.


Once your vacation is planned check out map.crossfit.com to find the nearest box. Get to know the gym through online research—explore the website, read about the coaches, and check out any photos they may have posted. Most importantly, note the gym’s hours and class schedule.


Some boxes may have a code of conduct listed on their website or inside the gym, but rules can also be passed along to members via word of mouth. If you don’t see rules posted, ask. Inquiring about the law of the land is not only a sign of respect, but will also keep you safe.


Remember that you’re in someone else’s house, so don’t insist on acting like you’re at home. Coach Engelhardt gives this example: “Just because everyone warms up barefoot in your home gym, doesn’t mean you should walk around barefoot in a gym you’re visiting.” Upon arriving at the gym, take a moment to observe your surroundings to find clues about the gym’s culture.


If you’re a more advanced athlete and are working with a coach on a specific training schedule, it’s best to give the gym you’re visiting a heads up. Call ahead and ask if the gym has any open hours and then explain your training regime. Most boxes will be happy to accommodate you as long as they know what to expect.


If you don’t have a specific training schedule and simply want to drop in on a scheduled class, be flexible. The WODs at the gym you’re visiting may be much different from the WODs at home. Ask questions if you’re confused and enjoy a break in your routine!


Show up early for scheduled classes to give yourself plenty of time to meet the coaches, learn the rules, and understand the workout. Walking into a class late can leave a bad first impression with the gym you’re visiting.


Always defer to what the coach is telling you, unless you’re being directed to attempt something dangerous, then use common sense. Coach Engelhardt explains, “If a coach tells you, “I’d like you to reduce the weight you’re lifting, because I don’t like your form,” do it. Even if your coach at home approves.” It’s important to respect the coaches on site.


Coach Engelhardt reminds us, “ego is an athlete’s worst enemy.” Visiting a new gym and checking out stronger, more advanced athletes may inspire you to push yourself too far. Take a deep breath and remember you’re off home turf before attempting to break any local records. “Sometimes a vacation is a good excuse to get some rest in,” adds Coach Engelhardt.


Your gym can start to feel like a second home, so visiting a strange box can be nerve wracking. Remember to enjoy yourself! Visiting distant CrossFit gyms is an excellent way to connect with fellow athletes and shake up your routine.


In addition to learning the rules, it’s also important to be aware of your own capabilities before squatting at a different gym. “I would caution beginners who have not completed an introductory course at their home gym,” warns Coach Engelhardt. Learning CrossFit techniques and lifts is best done at your local gym, and not at a strange box while on Spring Break.


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The Smallest and Best CrossFit Tool: Your Mobile Phone

Your CrossFit toolbox is full of kettlebells, foam rollers and weight plates. But your most portable CrossFit tool? Your mobile phone!

Put your iPhone to work at more than just Tweeting. Use it to track your progress, time your intervals and find sweat-inducing WODs hundreds of miles from the gym. Here are the seven hottest CrossFit apps for iPhone and Android.




SugarWOD puts your gym in the palm of your hand. Even away from the box, you can log your workout results, check the leaderboard and send your comrades virtual fist bumps. SugarWOD is available free for iPhone and connects you to CrossFitters across the globe as well as to thousands of workouts.




Utilized by the bigwigs at crossfit.comTimers Pro is an incredibly simple tool used by CrossFit pros. Timer Pro offers six different timers to its users, from interval timer, to stopwatch, to lap timer. Listen to music while running as many timers as you like, and count reps or sets by touching anywhere on the screen. This app is available for iPhone and costs $1.99.



Used by more than a million athletes and coaches, Ubersense is the ultimate way to record, analyze and improve your skills. Record or import video of your moves and analyze your abilities with slow-motion playback, zoom and side-by-side comparisons. Share your progress online and turn to the Ubersense community for drills and coaching profiles that will help you improve. This is an invaluable tool for coaches hoping to train and track their clients’ progress. Ubersense is available for free on iPhone.




More than 26.2 million people use RunKeeper to track their runs, bike rides, cross-country skiing and more using their phone’s GPS. RunKeeper offers users detailed statistics about their physical activity, including pace, distance and time. Stay motivated with Personal Record notifications when you reach a new milestone, and follow training plans to meet your goals. This app is available for free on iPhone and Android.



Fitness is about more than just pumping iron and running a marathon. Watch what you eat with help from MyFitnessPal. This free app remembers your favorite dishes, saves entire meals and has a massive food database for users to browse. Set calorie goals and let MyFitnessPal break down your daily diet into fats, carbs, protein, fiber and more. Enter workouts and track how many calories you consume and burn each day with the help of this comprehensive app available on iPhone and Android.



Leaves the spreadsheets at home and track your strength, 5/3/1 and Smolov Junior training with this easy to use app. Big Lifts 2 is free on iPhone and Android and allows users to add and modify lifts and log lifts through cycles. Let Big Lifts calculate your plate load and check out detailed graphs that track your progress



Travel across the globe with your CrossFit box packed in your carry-on! The Travel WODs app includes over 120 Workouts of the Day that require zero pieces of equipment. Use your bodyweight to rock various CrossFit workouts in hotel rooms, bedrooms or small workout areas. Use Travel WODs’ white board to track your progress and add new workouts to challenge yourself. A built-in timer and progress graph makes reaching new goals easy. Travel WODs costs $1.99 and is available for iPhone and Android.

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Photos: Greek Coffee on Greek Isles

You learn a lot about travel companions while on the road. Even travel companions you lived with for 16 and 13 years, and who share DNA similar to your own.

During the summer of 2012, my sister, brother and I traveled to Spain, Italy & Greece. The tale of this journey could be told in multiple posts, but I’ll start with this one: Images of Greece.

I was reluctant to visit this country, which was my brother’s choice. But rarely a week goes by without my mind drifting to Hydra–an island not far from Athens. This is a beautiful country, and I hope my photos can share even a tiny bit of its awesomeness with you.

Journey to Japan: Photos

My grandmother is Japanese. After 27 years of thinking I understood this part of my identity, I finally journeyed to Japan. I had no idea just how mind-blowing this experience would be. My grandmother led the expedition that included myself, my mom, and my sister. I’ll write more about this adventure later, but for now I’ll simply share some photos.

Click an image to start the slideshow!


To represent their unique style, Austinites have adopted the unofficial slogan “Keep Austin Weird.” Everything about this Southern city is uncommon, giving you plenty of fun and quirky ways to go green and stay fit.

Get your caffeine fix at Progress Coffee which roasts small batches of coffee beans right in Austin. If bold espresso has whetted your appetite, swing by any number of Austin’s many farmers’ markets: Sustainable Food Center hosts local growers four times a week in different locations across the city. Fresh-picked ingredients can be found around every corner in Austin, including at Swift’s Attic, a farm-to-table restaurant known for its stellar cuisine.

More than just irresistible eats, Austin will give you hundreds of reasons to run and jump. Zilker Park is a cannot-miss spot that offers visitors 351 acres of fun. Botanical gardens, hiking trails, and a natural spring swimming pool will tempt even the laziest person to dive right in. But save some energy for CrossFit Central. This gym was recently named one of the top ten best CrossFit gyms in the US by Men’s Fitness. Get pumped up as you train with the best in a city that’s sure to turn your head.



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Austin Hot Spots: Locally Sourced Grub via Swift’s Attic | Zilker Park; image via Kariandvijay.com | Progress Coffee; image via WanderingYew2 | CrossFit Central Farmer’s Markets; image via Friends Of Family Farmers |


Philadelphia often conjures images of our Founding Fathers, cheese-and-meat-loaded sandwiches, and overzealous sports enthusiasts. But, hidden among the cheesesteak joints and hardcore Eagles fans, is a fit Philadelphia ready to get you off your feet.

Lace up your walking shoes and take off on a self-guided tour of Philly’s most historic spots. Channel Benjamin Franklin’s good sense and swing by Totem Brand—this store sells USA-made men’s clothing and accessories that’ll get you looking sharp for a night out on the town. When you’re suited up in Philly’s finest threads, pull up a chair at Tulala’s Garden, a eatery with a seasonal menu inspired by local growers. Philadelphia never misses a beat, and neither should you with your training! Step it up at CrossFit Center City—right in the heart of the City of Brotherly Love. Looking for a more relaxed workout? Dip your paddles in the Schuykill River and get a gorgeous view of this stellar city from the comfort of a rented kayak.



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Philadelphia Hot Spots: Locally Sourced Grub via Talula’s Garden | Kayak on the Schuykill River via Hidden River Outfitters | Danner Boots via Totem Brand | CrossFit Center City | Self-Guided Walking Tour of Philadelphia via The Constitutional |


A trip to Northern California’s Wine Country isn’t all swirling, sniffing, and sipping wine. Look past your Merlot-filled wine glass to see a wealth of healthy, green and fun activities in Napa and Sonoma Counties. Kick off your tour with a stop at Ehlers Estate, which has been cultivating grapes since 1886 and pouring certified organic wine since 2008. Resist the temptation to fill up on handcrafted chocolates at Ehlers Estate, because you’re headed to Oenotri Restaurant in Napa for dinner. This Italian eatery embodies the farm-to-table ethos—Oenotri sources ingredients from local growers and even has its own garden on site. Learn to prepare farm-fresh food at Long Meadow Ranch’s Kitchen Workshop series. Get your hands dirty in the garden with local educators, then head to the kitchen where chefs guide you through preparing mouth-watering masterpieces.

But enough with the food! Put down the cheese platter and head out into the fresh air with Velo Vino cycling tours. Peddle your way through scenic Napa Valley before ending your bicycle tour with a wine and food pairing at Clif Family Winery. And don’t miss a step in your training at Wine Country CrossFit in Napa—just one of more than a half dozen CrossFit affiliate gyms dotting Wine Country. Now, we can raise a glass to that. Cheers!



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California Wine Country Hot Spots: Organic Wine via Ehler Estate | Pizza with Garlic Cream and Nettles via Oenotri; image via Food & Wine | Kitchen Workshops via Long Meadow Ranch | Cycling Winery Tours via Velo Vino | Wine Country CrossFit in Napa, CA


It’s official: The word “Mancation” has its own Wikipedia page, bringing authenticity to this bro-y word. A mancation is any “guys only” excursion taken by male friends, and what guy doesn’t like a chance to kick up his feet and relax for a long weekend?

While on mancation in Lake Tahoe this summer, any mancationer worth his salt knows the importance of packing light and sporting versatile clothes. This ensemble (pictured here) takes you straight off the airplane to Lake Tahoe’s pristine hiking trails. Rep your hometown with City Sports’ Pedal Pusher Philly tee and keep warm on those chilly flights with an ultra-soft jersey hoodie. J. Crew’s Stanton shorts look great, are cozy enough to encourage a mid-flight nap, and hold up while traversing boulders out on the trails. And don’t miss the finishing touches! Killer shades might get you mistaken for a celebrity at baggage claim, and Danner’s hiking boots are a pain to kick off at airport security, but you’ll be thanking your lucky stars you have them once you set off around the lake.

You now have zero excuses to look anything but awesome on your next mancation!

Mancation Fashion Image

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Mancation Fashion Features: James Perse Lightweight Jersey Hoodie via Mr. Porter | Philly Pedal Pusher T-Shirt via City Sports | Stanton Short Cotton-Twill Shorts via J. Crew | Cromwell Sunglasses via Warby Parker| Danner Light II GTX Hiking Boots via REI |