It’s official: The word “Mancation” has its own Wikipedia page, bringing authenticity to this bro-y word. A mancation is any “guys only” excursion taken by male friends, and what guy doesn’t like a chance to kick up his feet and relax for a long weekend?

While on mancation in Lake Tahoe this summer, any mancationer worth his salt knows the importance of packing light and sporting versatile clothes. This ensemble (pictured here) takes you straight off the airplane to Lake Tahoe’s pristine hiking trails. Rep your hometown with City Sports’ Pedal Pusher Philly tee and keep warm on those chilly flights with an ultra-soft jersey hoodie. J. Crew’s Stanton shorts look great, are cozy enough to encourage a mid-flight nap, and hold up while traversing boulders out on the trails. And don’t miss the finishing touches! Killer shades might get you mistaken for a celebrity at baggage claim, and Danner’s hiking boots are a pain to kick off at airport security, but you’ll be thanking your lucky stars you have them once you set off around the lake.

You now have zero excuses to look anything but awesome on your next mancation!

Mancation Fashion Image

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Mancation Fashion Features: James Perse Lightweight Jersey Hoodie via Mr. Porter | Philly Pedal Pusher T-Shirt via City Sports | Stanton Short Cotton-Twill Shorts via J. Crew | Cromwell Sunglasses via Warby Parker| Danner Light II GTX Hiking Boots via REI |

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