It’s amazing what you can learn in 140 characters or less. 200 million Twitter users generate approximately 340 million tweets a day. According to a San Antonio-based market research firm, Pear Analytics, 40% of Tweets are “Pointless Babble,” but 9% have pass-along value. Don’t worry about digging through the pointless babble and spam to find the Tweeters who matter—we’ve done all the hard work for you! Check out the Top Seven Best CrossFit Lifestyle-Inspired Tweeters:



This is the official Twitter account for CrossFit. Chock-full of motivational quotes, WODs and links to fascinating content, this is a must-follow for CrossFit Tweeters. Follow @CrossFit for all the news and tidbits from the official source.


This year’s CrossFit Games have come and gone, but that hasn’t stopped the official Twitter account from Tweeting out interesting links, quotes and interviews with CrossFit athletes. Follow @CrossFitGames for a first hand look at hardcore CrossFit athletes.


CrossFit Journal is a fitness, health and lifestyle publication dedicated to improving athletic performance and quality of life. Follow @crossfitjournal for links to articles, videos and audio files covering everything from exercise technique, nutrition and much more.


Mark Sisson is a blogger, athlete and author of the book “Primal Blueprint”. Sisson’s diet tips incorporate many aspects of the Paleo Diet, which is closely tied to the CrossFit lifestyle. Follow @Mark_Sisson to get great tips on healthy eating and general fitness.


Dr. Andrew Weil is a teacher and writer on holistic medicine. Dr. Weil is a guru when it comes to all-natural diets and drool-worthy recipes. Follow @DrWeil for Tweets about integrative medicine, nutrition and all-around natural health.


Robb Wolf is a strength and conditioning coach who is also a New York Times Bestselling author! Follow @robbwolf for Tweets about the Paleo Diet, fitness and general nutrition.


Dai “The Moose” Manuel is a motivational speaker and CrossFit athlete. The Moose sends out upbeat Tweets about health, workouts and positive living. Follow @daimanuel to get motivated!

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